Get BIG, BOLD, & BAREly Legal

Get BIG, BOLD, & BAREly Legal between Jazz Fest weekends.

New Orleans photographer Stephen Young along with his black-and-white image series, "Locals Loving Mardi Gras" in sizes BIG (30x40), BOLD (40x60), & BARELY LEGAL (12X18) will be at Kate Beck's home studio show during Jazz Fest - Show Info here.

"For over 40 years I felt like I didn't belong anywhere. Then I came to New Orleans - and was embraced by misfits just like me.
Some with more ink...
Some with more body parts.
But every single one of us loving life because we are enthusiastic about something.

In New Orleans we are passionate about our food, our music, our rituals that we share.
We care about what matters to other people.
In our town everyone is family.
We love badass.
We are all beautiful heroes." - Stephen

Meet Rolling Stone Magazine's First Photographer (& buy a print)

Scott Edwards is hosting in his gallery just off Frenchmen Street a phenomenal photography exhibition and receptions.
During the first weekend of Jazz Fest meet Baron Wolman, the first photographer hired by the founder and editor of Rolling Stone magazine. Baron and his camera were there as our world was changed through the influence of so many prolific musicians. 
And there's a photographer's workshop co-chaired by New Orleans photographer, Bob Compton.
If you miss the receptions or workshop, visit Scott at the Gallery and take home a gorgeous, limited-edition print. - Stephen

Wear New Orleans Wherever You Go

"Around town or traveling around the country, my without-a-doubt favorite casual shirt is Dirty Coast's 'Soul is Waterproof, 504'. Strangers (many of whom are cute and single) want to know about the shirt, or if they're from New Orleans, they flash me a 'I know what that means Mr Cool-Guy-from-NOLA' smile and we usually end up hanging out. If you want a shirt that announces you got wasted on Bourbon Street, you know where to go. But if you want a well-made T with a clever message and great design, stop in and see Patrick on Magazine Street, Chris on Julia Street, or shop DirtyCoast online." - Stephen Young

Explore All 6 Miles of Magazine Street

Explore the eclectic shop "La Belle Nouvelle Orleans" and all 6 miles of Magazine Street. If you're looking for Pottery Barn, head to the mall. But if you want to shop and dine one of the country's greatest retail streets, head to Magazine.
While there check out "La Belle Nouvelle." Visiting the shop is like stepping inside the pages of a favorite architecture book. Owner Fernando greets me with a huge smile and handshake and details of what's arriving from his latest South American or European buying trip while Sammy the Labrador Retriever greets me with a rope toy for tossing and fetching while I shop." - Stephen Young

Hang With Cool Artists & Musicians

Frenchmen Street is where the locals and savvy visitors go when they want to hear the best music in multiple venues and take a stroll through the weekend nightly Frenchmen Art Market.

Blue Nile for music

Downtown Tattoos for great ink or good people-watching

Bicycle Michael's for festival transportation

Mask in a Locally Made Work of Art

"As in Venice, masks are synonymous with our city. In fact, 'masking' is what you do on Mardi Gras day and nearly a dozen other times throughout the year. There are plenty of places in New Orleans to buy something cute (and cheap) to cover your face. But Mary Behlar's Maskarade in the Quarter is the BEST place to find what just may be your most cherished memento from the Big Easy. Every mask is hand-made locally. And, not only will it look great ON you, it will impress your friends at home when you share it as the handmade work of art you discovered in New Orleans." - Stephen Young

Imbibe Away From the Tourists

Imbibe away from the tourists with Joann, Lisa, and Chef Chris at Kajun's Pub on St. Claude Avenue.

Recently, after working inside most of the weekend, I needed a change of scenery - new space and definitely new neighborhood. So I drove to the other side of town to hang out with my friends Joann and Lisa at Kajun's Pub on St. Claude (for the non-locals, it's St. Claude Avenue between the Quarter and the Lower Ninth - definitely one of the city's more colorful neighborhoods)
While circling the block to find a parking space I noticed that Kajun's was more festive than usual - and that's saying a lot. Moments later I walked in and was welcomed by Blues music, birthday balloons and the aroma of perfectly charbroiled oysters.
It didn't take me long to remember why I like this place so much. Joann and Lisa have (please pardon the cliché) created the neighborhood "Cheers" pub - a place where they truly know your name - and your favorite big boy drink - and who you went home with last night (even if his or her name alludes you at the moment)
And, if things get rowdy, as I'm told sometimes happens long after I've headed home, a member of the staff - often young, female, and delicate in appearance only - will literally bounce the offender out to the curb - and the party resumes without noticeable interruption.

Here's what happened:
After plenty of hugs, I was treated to a drink
Then came the offer of "so, would you rather have the ersters or the shrimp?" My reply - "yes, please." So much for thinking dinner was going to be the Clif Bar I had before heading over.
Guitar Lightning Lee and his friends hit the stage with three distinct styles of Blues.
And there was birthday cake for everyone.

I wound the evening down reconnecting with Lightning. (I don't say that every day :) 
It's been a while since I shot his performance at the Ogden Museum and included the photos and videos in my book on the city. - Stephen

Feast on Loretta's Pralines

Feast on Loretta's Pralines at Jazz Fest and at her two New Orleans locations - 2101 N. Rampart Street and in the historic French Market.

"I first met the 'Grandmother of all pralines' when I visited the city to photograph and interview for my book, 'Passion for New Orleans'. Mark Rosenbaum of Rosetree Glass Studio said, 'I have a few special people who I want you to meet.' Loretta Harrison ended up being the MOST special person I have since grown to love as a dear friend. Loretta's strong faith and her commitment to her family, her customers, and her community can be tasted in every delicious product that comes from her kitchen." - Stephen

(Use Google Maps to take a virtual tour of Loretta's flagship location on N. Rampart Street, New Orleans)

Glamourize Your Beautiful Self

Glamourize your beautiful self and your home with creations by artist Kate Beck & Friends.

Visit Kate at JAZZ FEST 2013
(1st weekend, Fri-Sun April 26, 27, 28)
Contemporary Crafts Tent G
- AND - at her showroom,
2701 Chartres Street, New Orleans LA
Kate Beck “AT HOME” With Friends
Historic Marigny Neighborhood of New Orleans
Featuring interior-focused pieces by:
Kate Beck - interior products & wearables
Gerald Haessig - glass & ceramics
Tony Nozero - paintings
Stephen Young - photography / Big, Bold, New Orleans Love
April 30 - May 2 & May 6, 7 (following festival weekends)
11am - 5pm & by appointment

Sharing with women – and many men – around the world the gift of an exquisite handmade scarf or full ensemble is one of the joys of artist Kate Beck’s life. From her atelier on a quiet street in New Orleans, Kate crafts the delicate designs for a clientele from Seattle to Madrid and beyond.
Whether she’s greeting visitors to her working studio just outside the infamous French Quarter, or she’s dressing savvy international resort travelers for a night on the town, Kate Beck knows one thing is certain – people are transformed the moment they see how great they look – and feel – enveloped in one of her original designs.