Imbibe Away From the Tourists

Imbibe away from the tourists with Joann, Lisa, and Chef Chris at Kajun's Pub on St. Claude Avenue.

Recently, after working inside most of the weekend, I needed a change of scenery - new space and definitely new neighborhood. So I drove to the other side of town to hang out with my friends Joann and Lisa at Kajun's Pub on St. Claude (for the non-locals, it's St. Claude Avenue between the Quarter and the Lower Ninth - definitely one of the city's more colorful neighborhoods)
While circling the block to find a parking space I noticed that Kajun's was more festive than usual - and that's saying a lot. Moments later I walked in and was welcomed by Blues music, birthday balloons and the aroma of perfectly charbroiled oysters.
It didn't take me long to remember why I like this place so much. Joann and Lisa have (please pardon the cliché) created the neighborhood "Cheers" pub - a place where they truly know your name - and your favorite big boy drink - and who you went home with last night (even if his or her name alludes you at the moment)
And, if things get rowdy, as I'm told sometimes happens long after I've headed home, a member of the staff - often young, female, and delicate in appearance only - will literally bounce the offender out to the curb - and the party resumes without noticeable interruption.

Here's what happened:
After plenty of hugs, I was treated to a drink
Then came the offer of "so, would you rather have the ersters or the shrimp?" My reply - "yes, please." So much for thinking dinner was going to be the Clif Bar I had before heading over.
Guitar Lightning Lee and his friends hit the stage with three distinct styles of Blues.
And there was birthday cake for everyone.

I wound the evening down reconnecting with Lightning. (I don't say that every day :) 
It's been a while since I shot his performance at the Ogden Museum and included the photos and videos in my book on the city. - Stephen